Review on the Journal Club for Condensed Matter Physics

Work by the collaboration has been reviewed in the Journal Club for Condensed Matter Physics. There, Chandra Varma discusses recent numerical works aimed at detecting two-level systems in glasses. In particular, a newly developed machine-learning approach can dramatically speed up the numerical search for these tunneling defects which are found to be increasingly rare with increasing glass stability.

Read more in Nature Communications, the Journal of Chemical Physics and Physical Review Letters.

We are delighted to be able to share the wonderful news that Camille Scalliet has just been awarded this year’s IUPAP Young Scientist Prize in Statistical Physics.

The citation reads:
“For her outstanding work in a broad variety of topics in the physics of hard and soft glasses, in particular, for locating two-level systems and demonstrating their properties in low temperature glasses and for identifying both highly localized and collective excitations in the Potential Energy Landscape.”

See the official announcement.

Congratulations to Camille!

The Physical Review Letters publication by A. Altieri, F. Roy, G. Biroli, C. Cammarota was selected and highlighted for reporters by the APS office.

The Physical Review Letters publication Properties of Equilibria and Glassy Phases of the Random Lotka-Volterra Model with Demographic Noise (Phys. Rev. Lett. 126, 258301) by A. Altieri, F. Roy, G. Biroli is one of the three selected publications of the week (July 12 2021) highlighted for reporters, see